The 5 Laws to Build Quality Muscle: 5. Fuel for Growth


Whether you are working to get bigger to get on the field or court next season or just trying to fill out your favorite shirt, building muscle can seem like a complicated process. How do some people pack on quality muscle while others train at the gym for hours each day and still fail to see results? The answer my friend is that those people who are successful in developing Hypertrophy (a formal word for getting “buff”) have consciously or subconsciously followed specific laws that if followed will aid in you reaching your fitness goals. We have put together the 5 most critical laws of muscle that have been PROVEN time and time again to build dense lean quality muscle in the shortest time possible. Tune in each week as we discuss each law in detail to give you the most up to date information to help you reach your goals.
Stop right there! You tried it and we are going to correct you before you even have the wrong thought. Do not under any circumstance begin to eat foods that are bad for you for the perceived “bulking” period that you have watched on the Internet. That philosophy is not only outdated but can lead to severe fat gain and health problems later in life. Keeping the foundation of a clean diet while manipulating the carb and protein percentages that you consume will give you the energy to help you achieve Hypertrophy. 
To build QUALITY muscle you will want to increase your portions of quality foods that you are already eating (see the power of the knife and fork series) and eat more frequently to allow your body to grow. When building quality muscle, protein sources such as beef, bison, and veal are ideal over chicken and fish because you want protein sources that have a higher amino acid content to feed your muscles. Nevertheless these protein sources should still be rotated during your week because your body will adapt more effiecntyly to a rotating fuel pattern.
Carbs such as sweet potatoes AND white potatoes, quinoa pastas, brown and white rice, and some bread should be used. Your fruits should still be a wide variety but bananas will be key during this period. This is because bananas will help to give you an added boost during training which is why it is recommended during your preworkout meal. 
Healthy fats such as olive and cocunut oil , almonds and walnuts, peanut butter and Udos oil are also very important. You want to ensure that your body still receives quality fats so it doesn’t hold on to so much fat your time to gaining lean mass. 
Caution: MASS GAINER shakes WILL mess up your liver. It is imperative to stick to REAL food when you want to build muscle. For the people who need to gain weight here is a simple shake you can take 2x a day along with your current diet.
  • 2 scoops whey protein isolate (We prefer Zija Prime 90)
  • 1 cup oats
  • 2 TBSP Peanut Butter
  • 1 cup egg whites
  • 1 banana
  • 15 oz Almond Milk
  • 1 tsp Honey
Add this building shake into your fueling during this period and you will not only gain quality weight and build muscle, but that weight will stick. Mass shakes and gainers are synthetic, so your gains will be synthetic as well. So many times athletes have went that route only to either end up sick or lose all the muscle they gained once they stopped taking that particular product. Don’t let that be you!
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