The 5 Laws to Build Quality Muscle ~ Law 5: The SECRET


Law 5 : The Magic Formula


Ah… The magic formula, the secret routine and nutrition regimen to build the perfect physique. This formula has been and continues to be sought after from fitness enthusiasts and supplement companies are racking in BILLIONS of dollars as a result. Well guys we at swxller have that secret and we are going to share it with you right now!!


The secret is.. (Shhhh so nobody can here us)


The secret is… laws one through four of this series!! Long story short, THERE IS NO SECRET! In law 4 we spoke on trusting the process to build muscle and quite frankly if you have the proper mindset (law 1) eat properly and CONSISTENTLY for growth ( law 2), train hard using compound lifts using the techniques of progressive overload (law 3), and remain consistent (law 4), there is no way that you cannot build muscle!! True enough there will be claims of the latest supplement or training technique that will miraculously pack on serious pounds of muscle, but understand that the human body has ultimately remained unchanged for hundreds of thousands of years. ( even longer than that but that is a discussion for another day guys). The same techniques that have worked for the strong man of old as well as the great Arnold will work for you.


It’s so simple its scary right?? It may seem unbelievable but we assure that these laws will never fail you unless you fall within the 5 pitfalls we are about to share with you. If you have ever committed any of these mistakes don’t worry it isn’t the end of the world. We at swxller want to help you identify them early so that you can reach your goals.


You change your nutrition to what your friend is doing


You have the perfect plan, you have your meals all planned out, and then you friend calls you will this new secret they have found out to get big. Sound familiar? Understand that sound principles will always trump the latest fad diet that hits the market. If you want to build quality muscle you will need a healthy ratio of protein fats AND carbohydrates. So many articles and “research” claims to drastically cut one of these macronutrients, but this trend is extremely dangerous and will kill your goals and muscle growth.  SCIENCE shows us that 1-2g protein, 0.5g of fat and 1.5g of carbs per pound of body weight is optimal for positive muscle growth. You can play with these numbers and are encouraged to to see what works best FOR YOUR BODY, but DO NOT slash one macronutrient out of the equation.


  1. You are a walking pharmacy


You study like a phd student and the people at gnc know your name by hart. Don’t be this person guys. Supplements are just that, SUPPLEMENTS. The pharmaceutical route to get huge never lasts, is detrimental to your health, and can land you in jail if you fall all the way off the wagon ( steroids). If your goal is to build long lasting muscle there are only really a few supplements that you REALLY need. Those are a quality whey protein that has a very low sugar and carb content with high protein per serving. On a buffet? CVS brand whey protein has 26g of protein per scoop and only 6g of carbs and VERY low sugar for less than 20 bucks. You will also need a good fish oil for inflammation and another source of high quality fat. You will also need beta alanine and branch chain amino acids (BCAAS) for recovery and green tea to keep your metabolism running. These have been proven to be effective in building quality muscle along with the RIGHT DIET. You have to eat properly to grow, not be a walking pez dispenser.


  1. You are the ultimate muscle confuser


Or so you think! True enough you should change your routine to keep your body guessing what you are doing to continue to build muscle, but this doesn’t mean every 3 days! If you read law 4, it takes 90 days to see a true transformation in your body. If you are looking to build muscle however you simply need to change the amount of weight you are lifting and shorten your rest time. This slight change will have the same effect as completely changing exercises.  In the event that you are a complete novice, you need to master the basics before you want to hang from a flag pole like you see all over Instagram. Learn and master the squat, bench, military press, deadlift, pull up and dip. We assure that if you learn these exercises and do them well you will be a beast! Once these are mastered go ahead and do a million musle ups. But make sure you can do an ACTUAL strict pull up first.


  1.  The quick fix guy


Patience, patience patience. Read law 4 thirty times and burn this law into your head.


  1. The life of a yo yo


This mistake may be the worst of them all! You have followed these laws to a T and you have started to see gains right in time for the summer. You go to that pool party, day party and everyone is looking and asking you what you did! What’s your “secret” and they have to get on your level. And what do you do?? STOP. You start to rest on your laurels and after a few months you are back to square one. Sucks right? If you have made this mistake you have to understand that the fit lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle. The body’s physiological response to added stress in the form of weight lifting is increased muscle. When you fuel your body properly along with this stress your body will begin to form and look the way you want it to look. However once you take this stress away and revert back to bad eating and sleeping habits, you body will revert back into the body you don’t want. You will cause your body to enter a catabolic state in which you will start to lose the muscle that you worked so hard to gain. When you embark on this journey understand that have one has to continue to practice these habits to continuously see improvement. Although cliche, if you don’t use it, you will lose it.



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The 5 laws to Build Quality Muscle- Law 4: Patience


Law 4: PATIENCE: Trusting the Process

In this week’s addition to the 5 Laws to Get Quality Muscle we look at Law 4: PATIENCE. Patience? One might ask, what does being patient have to do with building muscle and helping me reach my goal.

Well, lets start with the cliché saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Neither will this masterpiece of a body you are looking to achieve. Research has shown that for any particular adaptation process to occur with the human body as it relates to diet and exercise takes 21-28 days. Simply put, on average, it takes a minimum of one month of consistent training and eating a well balanced diet before you will notice a transformation in how you look or feel. Now, this is only the average timeframe, so since all of us are different, the adaptation process may take less for some while taking longer for others. Knowing this piece of information, when setting fitness goals allow a minimum of 90 days or three months to see significant transformations within you. Reason being is because you ensure that new habits have been created, and the additional days allow you to improve upon the new positive habits you have created. Thus resulting in an eye opening lifestyle that you were not accustomed to in the month’s prior.

But Swxller, I want results and I WANT THEM NOW! We hear you and we understand the eagerness, but understand that value, prestige, and wealth is built over time. Your body is the most expensive, sought after luxury in this world, so treat it as such. This is your temple, so let’s invest in it! Let’s look at the bigger picture of how we want to look, move and feel when we are 40, 50, 60+ years old. Forget about not fitting into this dress or having huge arms on the beach this weekend. Let’s be the one that a teenager or mid-20 year old can’t keep up with. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS IN LIFE! Will trusting the process and being patient be rough? Of course, wasn’t winning that championship tough? What about getting your degree? What about buying that house or new car? How about that relationship that was everything, but ended? You made it through; you came out stronger, and better than before, but it all took time to get to where and what you wanted. Reaching you fitness goals won’t be any easier, but it will be worth it. Share your struggles with friends, family or even us. We have been there; we know what it feels like when you have reached your breaking point. What makes us who we are is how we attack those obstacles and barriers head on. I’ll end on this note, for those reading this that are on payroll somewhere, you get paid, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, etc. Point is, you put in the work and you receive the compensation. Same rule applies here, trust the process, put in the work consistently with diet and exercise and you will receive the benefits every 3-4 weeks of each training block.

Patience = Consistency, not perfection

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The 5 Laws to Build Quality Muscle : Law 3- Recover for Growth



Gym gym gym – the word excites many young athletes who are anxious to get big and build muscle. Of course the more time you spend in the gym the more you are going to grow right? Yes, but not necessarily. When learning to build quality muscle one must understand that recovery is just as important and maybe more important to achieve adequate muscle growth.

The reason behind this fact lies in the recovery process that happens once your end your training session. when you exercise you stress your muscle fibers with millions of micro tears. Upon recovery these tears heal and the muscle fibers grow larger during this process. Over time this cycle is what causes muscles to grow larger due to the constant added stress from training. However when you do not achieve the right amount of recovery between training sessions and during sleep, you inhibit your body from completing this process which can lead to excessive bouts of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), a decreased resistance to illness, emotional mood swings, and a decreased urge to train.

Proper Rest Protocols to Achieve Quality Muscle

Hormones play a key role in your ability to build muscle. The optimal levels of growth hormone, testosterone, and cortisol all play a part in your body’s ability to respond to the stressors of training. When you sleep your body is able to regulate these hormones to help your body grow. This is why it is recommended to get a good nights rest.

(Side Note: Human growth hormone  (HGH), the one substance that is BANNED and what so many athletes are busted for each year is produced NATURALLY  when you SLEEP! Be Smart)

So what constitutes a good nights rest?

The standard recommendation of 8 hours per night work for most people but factors such as the athletes training age, current nutrition habits, and muscle fiber composition will play a major part for this number. This sleep should be UNDISTURBED. Turn off all lights, electronics, and allow your body to go into a deep sleep to repair itself.

Supplements such as melatonin and ZMA both help to achieve deep sleep and regulate hormones while sleeping. It is imperative that hormones such as cortisol and DHEA are under control due to the fact that their increased levels can be devastating to an athlete. Symptoms of abnormal levels of cortisol and DHEA include:

  • Excessive exhaustion
  • Increased need for carbs in the evening
  • Increased serotonin levels which channeled to thoughts of depression
  • Prolonged muscle soreness
  • Salt and water retention
  • Increased R.E.M sleep

The Key:

Yes train dirty!! Get in the gym and cause hell each time you train, but you you must rest just as hard. Each night plan to go to REAL SLEEP. Cut off those phones, instagram can wait, and turn the tv OFF. Always remember, you GROW when you SLEEP.

Bahar, J. (2015). Rest & Overtraining: What Does This Mean for Body Builders.

The 5 Laws to Build Quality Muscle : Train for Growth

imageWhen you want to build quality muscle, the way in which train and lift weights makes ALL the difference. The name of the game to get the GAINZ is testosterone and believe it or not you can increase your testosterone naturally and exponentially by performing specific exercises that have been designed to develop hypertorphy.

Those specific types of exercises are…

  1. Compound exercises performed with free weights.

Of course you are excited about the latest fad, training regimen, wrap, or shake etc, but the old skool of pumping iron will always take a new student and show them how to get big fast. The use of free weights gives an athlete the tools to develop stability in the body by supporting raw free weights in space. By doing so the body has to adapt to a new stress along with the effects of gravity and that adaptation result is increased muscle fiber hypertrophy aka muscle growth.

Compound exercises are exercises that recruit more than one muscle group at a time and training in this way helps to develop transferrable strength by the movement pattern of the exercies. Examples of compund exercises are the deadlift, squat, military press, and olympic movements such as the clean and jerk and snatch. Training with these exercises not only helps to build core stability but also helps to increase flexibility and range of motion of the joints, help to induce osteoblasts (this helps to increase the strength of your bones), and recruits more muscle fibers to be broken down to recover. This recovery is what helps to build muscle so always remember that you grow when you REST, not when you are in the gym. (we will discuss rest in later articles.)


When training to gain muscle (hypertophy) one should understand rep ranges and how to manipulate your training to build an aesthetically pleasing yet FUNCTIONAL physique. At The Swxller Co. we beleive that EVERYONE is an athlete and although our primary focus deals with sport athletes, anyone who looks to gain size should train just as an athlete. Typically it has been said that training with weights at 75% of your 1 rep max anywhere from 8-12 reps will induce muscle hypertophy. This is true however you also want to train at HIGHER percentages as well with reps that are 5 reps and below. Training in this so called “power zone” especially with olympic lifts will help to build POWER and speed along with building muscle. Whats the point of having all of those muscles if you can’t use them right?

In a nutshell use the recommendations above but train with a variety of percentages and rep ranges as well to build YOUR body. Everyone’s genetic makeup is different but in no shape or form is this a hinderance. This simply means some people will react to different training stimulus than others. Cookie cutter programs do not work.

  1. SETS

Simpy put 4-6 sets and 20-25 sets per training session is more than enough to provide a quality workout.


We like to keep movement as the foundation of our training so when you go to the gym your training program should be broken up into pushes and pulls instead of body parts. By programming in this way you will ensure that you hit each body part and create a balanced program. An example of such split would be

  • Lower push (Front Squat)
  • Upper Pull (Pull Up)
  • Rotational (Land Mine)
  • Single Leg Upper Pull (Barbell Step Up)
  • Horizontal Lower Pull (Bent over barbell row)

Try these recommendations the next time you are in the gym and give us a shout via instagram and twitter at @swxllerco!!

Be sure to tune in next week as we discuss our third law to build quality muscle!!

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