The 5 Laws to Build Quality Muscle : Train for Growth

imageWhen you want to build quality muscle, the way in which train and lift weights makes ALL the difference. The name of the game to get the GAINZ is testosterone and believe it or not you can increase your testosterone naturally and exponentially by performing specific exercises that have been designed to develop hypertorphy.

Those specific types of exercises are…

  1. Compound exercises performed with free weights.

Of course you are excited about the latest fad, training regimen, wrap, or shake etc, but the old skool of pumping iron will always take a new student and show them how to get big fast. The use of free weights gives an athlete the tools to develop stability in the body by supporting raw free weights in space. By doing so the body has to adapt to a new stress along with the effects of gravity and that adaptation result is increased muscle fiber hypertrophy aka muscle growth.

Compound exercises are exercises that recruit more than one muscle group at a time and training in this way helps to develop transferrable strength by the movement pattern of the exercies. Examples of compund exercises are the deadlift, squat, military press, and olympic movements such as the clean and jerk and snatch. Training with these exercises not only helps to build core stability but also helps to increase flexibility and range of motion of the joints, help to induce osteoblasts (this helps to increase the strength of your bones), and recruits more muscle fibers to be broken down to recover. This recovery is what helps to build muscle so always remember that you grow when you REST, not when you are in the gym. (we will discuss rest in later articles.)


When training to gain muscle (hypertophy) one should understand rep ranges and how to manipulate your training to build an aesthetically pleasing yet FUNCTIONAL physique. At The Swxller Co. we beleive that EVERYONE is an athlete and although our primary focus deals with sport athletes, anyone who looks to gain size should train just as an athlete. Typically it has been said that training with weights at 75% of your 1 rep max anywhere from 8-12 reps will induce muscle hypertophy. This is true however you also want to train at HIGHER percentages as well with reps that are 5 reps and below. Training in this so called “power zone” especially with olympic lifts will help to build POWER and speed along with building muscle. Whats the point of having all of those muscles if you can’t use them right?

In a nutshell use the recommendations above but train with a variety of percentages and rep ranges as well to build YOUR body. Everyone’s genetic makeup is different but in no shape or form is this a hinderance. This simply means some people will react to different training stimulus than others. Cookie cutter programs do not work.

  1. SETS

Simpy put 4-6 sets and 20-25 sets per training session is more than enough to provide a quality workout.


We like to keep movement as the foundation of our training so when you go to the gym your training program should be broken up into pushes and pulls instead of body parts. By programming in this way you will ensure that you hit each body part and create a balanced program. An example of such split would be

  • Lower push (Front Squat)
  • Upper Pull (Pull Up)
  • Rotational (Land Mine)
  • Single Leg Upper Pull (Barbell Step Up)
  • Horizontal Lower Pull (Bent over barbell row)

Try these recommendations the next time you are in the gym and give us a shout via instagram and twitter at @swxllerco!!

Be sure to tune in next week as we discuss our third law to build quality muscle!!

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