What an Athlete Needs to Know About Hydration

Front image_drinking-waterAs an athlete it is imperative that hydration be the forefront of your training. Research has shown that “exercise performance is impaired when an individual is dehydrated by as little as 2% of body weight. Losses in excess of 5% of body weight can decrease the capacity for work by about 30% (Armstrong et al. 1985; Craig and Cummings 1966; Maughan 1991; Sawka and Pandolf 1990). Your body is a bioengineered machine and the amount, type, and frequency in which you hydrate yourself can not only make the difference in a stellar or detrimental performance, but in some cases life and death! So listen up as we share some keys to success.


Although a common rule is to drink 1oz per pound of bodyweight per day, a more individualized approach can be used to ensure that you are properly hydrated. If you want to get technical you can use the equation
(Finish weight – start weight) – (weight of amount drink)

So if you weight 160 and after a workout you weigh 156, then (4×16) 64 oz is the amount of water you should drink before your day is out. For bigger athletes this number will increase but if you are drinking a MINIMUM if a gallon a day you should be in good shape.


During training you should consume 8-12 fluid ounces per 15 minutes of activity. However, by using the COMMON SENSE principle you should drink all day EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT THIRSTY. By using this rule of thumb you will ensure that you are properly hydrated. A nice benchmark to gauge whether you are drinking enough is your urine. Some say that apple juice colored urine indicates that you are hydrated but here at swxller we are interested in excellence. CLEAR urine, yes clear as water urine is the prime indicator that you are hydrated. Once you consistently have clear urine one will know that they have not missed the boat on hydration.


You are an athlete so you need to fuel yourself with nothing but the BEST quality fuel. For hydration purposes that fuel is WATER. Electrolyte filled substances such as gatorade which have potassium and sodium are great as well but ONLY for strenuous activity and should not be used as a hydration source all day. For general hydration water should be your go to beverage. Now one doesn’t have to be super fancy and get the latest brits water filter (although those are pretty sweet) but if you are balling on a budget, natural spring water by the gallon only costs anywhere from 75 cents to one dollar at most grocery stores. In other words, but down the juices and tea and pour you a nice cold glass of the good stuff.

Water is key, water is your friend! Are you hydrating enough?? Let us see by using the hashtag #swxller #hydration in your social media posts!!!


The $25 Grocery List


Who says that eating clean to essentially save your life had to be expensive?! Here at SWXLLER we pride ourselves in helping ur clients with specific life hacks to stay healthy even on a budget!! Short on cash? not a problem.. Lets shop together and get you well on your way!!

Look for the DEALS

When going to the grocery store always make sure that you know any specials that are being offered that week. If you look closely there will always be a special on something and with coupons you can get a long way very cheap. The sale paper is your guide my friend.Since meat will be your highest expense, look to find that deal first. There may be a buy one get one free on some item, frozen items will most likely be cheaper and to give you a secret, the store brands and main brands are made from the same companies. Also look to get some frozen options of veggies as well. Most store brand options are less than 2 dollars for a 1lb bag and you  can really rack up here.

So What Does a $25 Dollar Grocery Bill Look Like?

To give you a better example of what this looks like, we will give you a sample grocery list to get you started. Try this out and see if you can get to 25 dollars!!

1 drum of store brand oats

3 grapefruits

3 bags of frozen green beans

4 sweet potatoes

1 gallon  spring water

1 bag of rice

1 rotisserie chicken

1 carton eggs

3 bananas

5 cans tuna

Yes it looks bare.. but  when short on cash you have to do what you have to do!!