The $25 Grocery List


Who says that eating clean to essentially save your life had to be expensive?! Here at SWXLLER we pride ourselves in helping ur clients with specific life hacks to stay healthy even on a budget!! Short on cash? not a problem.. Lets shop together and get you well on your way!!

Look for the DEALS

When going to the grocery store always make sure that you know any specials that are being offered that week. If you look closely there will always be a special on something and with coupons you can get a long way very cheap. The sale paper is your guide my friend.Since meat will be your highest expense, look to find that deal first. There may be a buy one get one free on some item, frozen items will most likely be cheaper and to give you a secret, the store brands and main brands are made from the same companies. Also look to get some frozen options of veggies as well. Most store brand options are less than 2 dollars for a 1lb bag and you  can really rack up here.

So What Does a $25 Dollar Grocery Bill Look Like?

To give you a better example of what this looks like, we will give you a sample grocery list to get you started. Try this out and see if you can get to 25 dollars!!

1 drum of store brand oats

3 grapefruits

3 bags of frozen green beans

4 sweet potatoes

1 gallon  spring water

1 bag of rice

1 rotisserie chicken

1 carton eggs

3 bananas

5 cans tuna

Yes it looks bare.. but  when short on cash you have to do what you have to do!!


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