5 Tips to Take Your Training More Seriously 

If you ran into 5 people at the gym and ask them why they work out, most people will give you goals ranging from the purely aesthetic to strength and health goals. Then why does it seem that there is only a small percentage of those “swole” and jacked people out there amongs the millions of average joes? Gyms across the country are packed with members that go to the gym faithfully but the more you look the more you see the mirage of mediocrity and it is similar to the millions of entrepreneurs that have start ups but never seen to get off the ground. Well the one thing that may be holding you back,if you fit this criteria, is the seriousness behind your training goal. Even if you have training goals and have set a plan for success, one has to be serious and ready to work EVERY time you set foot in the gym to ensure that you reach the physique that you are working so hard to get!

1. How You Train Should Match Your Goal

Whatever your training goals may be, your training regimen must reflect what you are trying to do. This simply means that you should seek out the proper program and STICK TO THAT PROGRAM to see the necessary results in the weight room. You will want to make simple tweaks along the way but you cannot bounce from program to program every other day listening to “bro science” from your gym bro every other week and hopping into his set. If you are confident in your program, stick with it and track your changes.

2. Your Training Time is NOT Social Hour

You see it all the time…. People are using the gym as the courtroom, club, and eharmony. Girls are coming in to just take pics.. Hell guys are coming in to just take pics and people are doing more talking than lifting. We know you are serious and aren’t in this bunch 😉, but understand that you are in a mission when you are in the gym. Keep your talking to a bare minimum and get your work in while you have precious gym time!

3. The Food Matters

This should go without saying but how you eat makes the difference between a killer physique and an ehh…. You get my point. It would be a shame to throw your training down the drain for some chicken nuggets or that frosty that you just have to get because it fits in your macros right??? Wrong. You know what is junk, stay away from it. Keep your food options clean and work to earn that cheat MEAL. It is the key to your success.

4. Choose your Gym Playlist in ADVANCE

One of the worst things you can do is be an Instagram fiend while in the gym. That being said you need to make sure your phone is IN YOUR POCKET when you are training. Checking your phone every five minutes messes up your gym rhythm and the tempo of your workouts. So before the gym get your playlist bomb with all the songs that will turn you up and keep you hype during your lift. This way you won’t  have to check your phone to skip to that favorite song that drops the beat just as you are about to superset!

5. Sleep Your Way to Sucess

You can’t be a gym rat and a club rat at the same time. Your sleep is vitally important as well as your reduction in alcohol. A few drinks can completely destroy the gains of the week so remember that the next time you want to do shots. If you are serious about changing your body there are a few sacrifices that have to be made. And look at it this way.. When you do step out… You will be looking amazing , feeling amazing, and all eyes will be in you! Short term sacrifice for a lifetime of paridise? Sounds good to me!

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