Make the Sacrifice : 3 Tips to Perfect your Meal Prep

One time for all the meal preppers out there !!! 💯💯💯

The Swxller team is committed to you guys success so WE must stress the SACRIFICE that must be made to achieve your dream physique. While most people want to say that some people are shredded for many reasons falling under enhancements, surgery, or genetics, the fact of the matter is that the super shredded do simple daily disciplines everyday to ensure that they are lean year round. There is so much information out here but the fact of the matter is that the key to improving body composition is the manipulation of carbohydrates that you ingest. It’s actually that simple!! So today we want to share 3 tips to help you perfect your meal prep so that you can start to see those massive gains that you are looking for!

  1. Set your Meal Prep Night

No plan works if it isn’t adhered to. With that being said you have to set a night in which you are going to cook your food. Unlike other bad habits you have to eat to survive. So if you do not have a plan to eat … You are STILL going to eat but most likely you will revert back to unhealthy foods. Sunday’s are a good day to prepare your meals for the week. Since most people are off on the weekends, Sunday is a nice chill day to grocery shop, prepare your meals and set your refrigerator up for your success. If you like your meals even more fresh, meal prep twice a week with the second day being on Wednesday.

  1.  Where is Your Food Scale

Do not leave your success to chance!! If you are serious about your body changing as fast as possible then a DIGITAL food scale must be in your arsenal. Depending on the macronutrients ratio that you need to be your best, the food scale will ensure that your meal prep is properly portioned to the GRAM. Just as a recipe can be off by a slight error in the ingredients, your body composition will not be optimal if you are just going my eyesight alone to portion your meals.


Although self explanatory it is very easy to get off task to go eat something that isn’t scheduled. Follow your personal schedule and only eat the foods that you prep. YES, this means put up the quest bars.. the extra shake at the gym etc. You have to stay the course to greatness. It would be a shame for you to spend your money for nothing wouldn’t it??
Use these tips and watch your progress speed up dramatically!

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