Training 101 : 4 Steps to a Balanced Training Program

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With summer winding down and football season slowly approaching, it can be easy to fall out of your regular routine in favor of long nights, tail gates, and endless junk food that you will boast fits “in your macros”. Well guys we know you are smarter than that!! If you want to be ahead of the game, you must STAY in the game all year long which means that how you train must be balanced and sustainable to prevent injury, stagnation, and most importantly the dreaded PLATEAU. Follow these 4 simple steps to  program for success and continue to see massive gains as the cold months start to set in.

1. Think Of Movements, Not Muscles

Your body is a highly developed organism and it is made to MOVE. Now there is no shade thrown towards my body building buddies but when you focus primarily on the muscle rather than the movement, you sacrifice mobility which could lead to a reduction in strength. Rather, focus on the movement that the body makes; pushes, pulls, rotations. Now once you have done that you can set your training to attack the muscles you want to work on but not at the expense of you losing mobility which could rob you of precious gains. By focusing on the movement first, for example a vertical upper push and horizontal upper pull day, you will still get shoulders and back in but it will force you to think of which exercise would fit into that particular movement.

2. Heavy…. LIFT HEAVY


If you want to continue to get stronger while burning fat at the same time, the name of the game is to lift heavy. Although there are numerous forums and articles that talk about training with moderate to low weight for lots of reps, the reality is that the progressive overload leads to improved strength and increased muscle which in turn aids in burning fat. The more muscle that you have higher your basal metabolic rate becomes. Simply put when yu have more muscle you will burn more calories at rest which will help to burn more fat!! So don’t be afraid to go heavy. Sure, higher reps have its place but you can never go wrong with 4-6 sets of 6 of less reps with heavy weights.

3. Train Legs EVERYDAY


Yes… we know you hate legs, but what is a quality physic without them??? Keeping movements in mind, when you divide your training days into movements the program keeps you honest by forcing you to balance out your exercises. Training legs everyday will also help you increase more natural testosterone to help build even more muscle which will burn more fat.

A typical template following this approach would look something like this

Day 1. Lower Push/ Horizontal Upper Pull

Day 2. Lower Pull/ Vertical Upper Push/Rotational

Day 3. Unilateral Lower Push/Vertical Upper Pull

Day 4. Unilateral Lower Pull/Horizontal Upper Push/Rotational

Day 5. Lower Push/ Unilateral  Upper Pull/

Day 6. Lower Pull/ Unilateral Upper Push

Day 7. Rest

Following this template you will have an equal number of pushes and pulls and rotational movements. Now all you will need to do is plug in the corresponding exercises and you won’t have dot worry about overdeveloping one area!

4. Progression, progression, progression

In a balanced program you must continue to raise the bar when it comes to your training. Change your reps, change your sets, but be sure to have an equal number of pushes to pulls and stay heavy. Six months from now weights you were struggling wit should be a piece of cake. You should always strive to be stronger and more mobile. The more added stress you place upon yourself the more your body will change into the physique that you want. Remember, push yourself in the gym and discipline yourself in the kitchen…. you can’t go wrong!!

For more information on this approach to training email or purchase either the she’s snatched or sidewalk slam programs!!!


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