Blueprint to Phisque- Lower Body: 5 Tips Everyone Should Know TO Build Serious Legs

To a lot of people who train leg day is the most hated day of the week. Too many times do you see people who neglect the lower body not knowing the importance of a strong lower body and balanced physique. Training your lower body not only builds more testosterone for males, but female who really turn heads have a nicely sculpted lower body. Learn these tips to turn the most lousy training day of the week to an area of the body that you work everyday!

  1. Ditch The Legpress
    1. Let;s press this upon you. YOU MUST SQUAT. Squatting is a key human movement and a movement pattern that if neglected will be a main factor of back and hip problems in the future. Squatting is one of the most effective ways to not only build the lower body, but gain muscle across the enitre body! Some may argue that the leg press builds muscle faster since you can load the exercise heavier in a shorter amount of time, but we want to build muscle using FUNCTIONAL movement patterns. Remember balance is key and if strength is your thing nothing even comes close to the squat!

2. Push and Pull

  • When choosing the exercise you should do for your lower body, keep movement your primary focus. You will never miss muscle if you think of moments first. (Vestergen, 2015) Your lower body pushes and pulls in the moments of the leg and hip. The key here is to match up your push and pull exercise to create some serious legs. Squats and deadlifts are lower body pushes and RDL’s and Goodmorings are lower body pull exercise. Always remember to show love to both sides of your legs your body will appreciate it!

3. Go Heavy

Lifting for strength creates more testosterone in the body and will help you to recruit more muscle fibers while training to build more muscle. you may want to “get big” but if you you want a dense and hard look to your legs lifting heavy is key. Strength training occurs when your reps are in the 5 and under range and you will be using 75% or more of your 1 rep max. Yes the weight is HEAVY and that is what you will need to cause the process of a fancy word called myofibular hyperthropy. Basically you will create a pair go huge dense legs!

4. Think Unilateral

No matter how big your legs become you will want to be able to actually move around and use them right?? Single leg exercises are a great way to get stronger and create more function in your lower body. unilateral exercise will also help with speed development in athletes, and for you weekend warriors single leg exercises will tone your legs like never before. Examples of bible leg exercises are lunges, step ups and single leg Romanian deadlifts. incorporate these into your routine and take your leg workouts a a new level of awesome

5. No Days Off

If you wan tot burn more calories every workout, get stronger quicker and drop more body fat, then you want to learn a secret that some of the best have been using for years. TRAIN LEGS EVERYDAY.  Now this doesn’t mean that you have to go balls to the wall every workout, but adding some leg exercises by movement everyday is a major plus to your training routine. If you are training 4x per week a good rule of thumb is to do your squats and step ups (example) for days 1 and 3 and exercise such as RDL’s and good mornings for days 2 and 4.

Hope these tips help to build the best physique possible. Don’t be that guy….. train those legs and reap the benefits!!


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