A Brief Hiatus to Regroup

Do you wish you could hit pause sometimes in your life to regroup? Well for the first part of this year that is what I had to do to make sure things were in order to deliver top quality information to you readers. You see, the internet is loaded with information that is recycled, regurgitated, and misinformed that leads people in the wrong direction. I had some time to think of the direction that I want this site to go. I now know and I will share those thoughts with you.

  1. The Swxller company wants to serve as a platform to give one the utmost quality in strength and conditioning information to help someone reach their individual training goal.
  2. We will strive to post each week with new and fresh content to keep readers engaged
  3. We want to bring truth to the fitness community to help people sift through the clutter of mis-information that floats around on the internet


Now that we have cleared that up, whats going on family! There are 15 weeks left until the official start of summer so what are you doing to get in shape! Comment below to let me know what you are doing!!



~ Swxller

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