Try This Hack to Improve Your Upper Body

When you focus on movements you will never miss this muscle. This statement is known by athletes but let’s share a small hack to really pack some muscle on your upper body. Resisted bodyweight exercises are a great way to build functional muscle and induce myofribular hypertrophy. This just simply means you are actually increasing the fiber size of the muscle cell rather than just filling up with water (the pump). 

Weighted (25lbs or more) do a superset of weighted dips followed by weighted chins with a pause. Your reps on the dip should be between 8-12 and you should look to complete as many reps as possible on the chin up. Superstting these two movements will rest your pulling muscles while engaging your push muscles and vice versa. These two exercises put together will also maximize your rest time. 

As a finisher on your upper body focused day, do 4 sets of this super set. Rest only 45-60 seconds between sets. Once you have tried this comment below!!