How to Actually Get a Six Pack

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The search for the almighty “6-pack” is a tricky one filled with loads of false truth’s, dead ends, and essentially wrong information and in the naiveté of many consumers, this search has turned into a multimillion dollar business. Everywhere you look you see magazines with the latest “ secret” to chiseled six pack abs, or the holy grail of exercise you need to let those precious muscles shine through. However the truth behind this matter is that the bulk of information posted are merely gimmicks that will run you into a dead end if you are not equipped with the tools to sift through the clutter.

Basic bio mechanics tells us that the rectus abdominus (the abs) should be trained just as any other muscle, with progressive overload. But what is NOT normally talked about is the role of the core in bodily function. Your “abs” are show muscles and what should be more of a focus are the muscles that you CANT see.

The Core


Your core comprises of your transvers abdominus, erector spinae, internal and external oblique’s, multifidi, and your rectus abdomius which you probably refer to as your abs. Your core is the most important part of your body in that all energy and movement initiates from your core and flows to your upper and lower extremities. In simpler terms, your core is way more than your abs.

How You Should Train Your Core

Your body works as a kinetic chain so what you read typically in fitness magazines is inaccurate in regards to core training. Let’s take the crunch for example. When you crunch you are putting your core in an unnatural position that causes other muscle groups in your body to overcompensate which causes an imbalance in the body. What actually starts to happen is that with excessive sit-ups and crunching comes lumbar spine problems and immobility of the hip extensor muscles by constantly being in a flexed state. Now one can get abs in this way but at what expense??

The Secret

The secret to the elusive 6 pack (probably wish I said this at the beginning don’t you haha) is HEAVY COMPOUND LIFTING, HEAVY CHOPS AND LIFTS, and LOADED CARRIES with a diet that helps you to achieve a body fat level below 10% in men and 18% in women. THAT’S IT. Squat heavy, deadlift HEAVY, Overhead press… HEAVY, chop something, lift something, carry heavy stuff for long distances, and clean up your diet. It sounds so simple but irrespective of all the fat burners, guru eBooks that you spends so much money on each year, and all those superfoods in whole foods, keeping things simple is the way to go in regards to getting a six pack.

Heavy compound lifting recruits many muscles in the core because of the need to keep the spine ridged during these movements. Think about it, when doing a heavy squat EVERY MUSCLE in your core are firing in an attempt to keep you from breaking your back. That’s serious core action!! Chops, lifts, and loaded carries help to strengthen muscles of the transverse abdominals and obliques and by complementing this work with a sound diet you will be able to see the fruits of your labor.


Lift heavy stuff


Chop stuff


Lift stuff


Carry heavy stuff for long distances (being in a calorie deficit to lose fat)




Don’t be fooled… you want abs? REAL CRAZY CHISELD ABS?? Start lifting heavy, clean up your diet, and GIVE IT TIME. Once summer rolls back around you’ll be amazed once you lift your shirt.

~ Swxller



3 Tips about Flexible Dieting You should know


Oh, the holidays are coming and bowl season is quickly approaching!! This means lots of sweet goodies and fatty foods that you tell yourself you are going to stay away from but who are we kidding here?! Most people will give the excuse to the fall and winter months as bulking season, however you are an athlete and you are going to make better decisions. Yes you are don’t question the system. Haha, well this opens up the discussion of flexible dieting. If you haven’t been under a rock you know that flexible dieting or IIFYM (If it fits your macros) is all the rage right now and all types of fitness gurus claim that using this diet is an eternal hall pass to eat ANYTHING you want as long as it fits into your macronutrient schedule. They may even back their findings with a study performed by a university in which a professor lost over 20 pounds eating noting but convenience store junk food! Although this new style of dieting sounds amazing and quite frankly is AMAZING, there are some rules to follow if you wish to incorporate flexible dieting into your lifestyle.

How to Flexible Diet

Tip 1: Learn YOUR macros


Understand flexible dieting is NOT A GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD to see if you can medal in the junk food Olympics. Rather, flexible dieting is a way to keep you consistent in eating healthy year round without resorting to becoming a social hermit who is in constant fear of eating the wrong things. When you flexible diet the first tip that one should show is to make sure to calculate your macronutrients as accurately as possible. Websites such as,, and are wonderful resources to start from when calculating your macros. If you want to do this thing right you will have to know what percentage of each macronutrient based on your calorie intake you can have to achieve or maintain your optimal body composition. Without this information you are basically going into this whole diet thing blind which can turn into a disaster.

Tip 2: STILL stay 80/20


Will flexible dieting help you fi in that donut, or giant slice of pizza? CERTAINLY!! But you should have a basic understanding of the nutrient density of food. The fatty, cheesy, sugary things that we love are cool, but how do they help us PERFORM?? Keeping performance at the forefront should give you the maturity to eat the proper foods that will help your body move and perform to its utmost potential. That being said make the bulk of your diet consist of dark leafy greens, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein sources. Yes you can have that soda every once in a while but be mindful of what you are putting into your body. One should also be mindful that the “good stuff” is very CALORIE DENSE. This means that a cookie for example at 300kcal=42 cups of spinach. So although you THINK YOU are eating less, if the bulk of your foods are junk you WILL GO OVER your specified calorie ceiling so to speak. So be mindful of how you feed your face.

Tip 3: High Carb/High Fat Diets Don’t Mix


What you don’t see or hear when you see these models on the internet raving about flexible dieting is that they are EXTREMELY METICLOULOS in their diet to fit in the sweet treats that they love without gaining fat. These experienced models and athletes do this by choosing between a high carb, low fat diet, and a moderate carb, high fat diet. In order to change any type of body composition, you must either be in a deficit or surplus of calories in the relationship of calories that you need for daily living. Keeping calories key, you must choose a diet that will keep your calories in check.  Research hasn’t shown differences in high carb or low carb diets being any different for fat loss but what it does show that a high carb high fat diet is a recipe to gain a ton of fat FAST. Flexible dieting is tricky in that if you are not careful those junk food items that you fit in could put you in calorie trouble quickly. You can’t do both, so whatever route you choose be mindful that you can stick to this way of eating for a sustained amount of time.  Our recommendation is to never let fat be more than 30% of your total calorie intake. If you follow this simple rule, you should be golden.

So eat up!! But be mindful what’s on the menu guys!


Minor Bowens, CSCS, USAW

The SWXLLER Company

3 Tips to Successfully Plan Your Workouts

You have all seen it… you are bombarded with the newest claim of the “perfect” workout for legs, the holy grail of rep schemes, or the latest article from the latest guru that some scientist swears is the key to those gains. Well what you have to know is this is all marketing. Whether cutting, bulking, or just generally trying to stay in shape, You have to LIFT PROGRESSIVELY HEAVY WEIGHT OVERTIME to see real long lasting results.

Take a seat.. let me explain lol

Although there has been a heavy influx of new “trainers” that do everything under the sun that they swear will help you get in shape, nothing will outshine the basics. Yes, the simplest of movements are the most effective at seeing real change within your body. Regardless of the muscle, your body moves in specific patterns and you should train in these patterns to properly add balance within your body. Couple this with heavy compound lifting and you create a recipe of success in the gym.

Proper Movement Patterns

Your body moves in specific pushes, pulls and rotational movements. When properly planning for your workouts you must match the correct exercise with the movement pattern to create balance. So lets take a look: Your core is the main conductor of energy for your body and should be a top priority when training. Rotational movements such as chops and lifts should be in your program design everyday along with pillar strengthen movements such as planks, glute bridges and hyperextensions. Pushes and pulls of the upper body regions happen in the vertical and horizontal planes. An example of this is a bench press which works in the horizontal plane as an upper body push, and a pull up which works in the vertical plane as an upper body pull. Conversely lower body movements are categorized as knee and hip dominant pushes and pulls. An example would be the squat as a knee dominant lower body push and a Romaninan deadlift as a hip dominant lower body pull, respectively.

Tips to Plan

When planing which exercises to do in the gym, the K.I.S.S. principle is key. Keep things SIMPLE. Yes the flying push ups and 700 inch box jumps look cool but they do little to improve performance or physique. Dependent on preference, each day should have a balance of lower and upper body pushes and pulls with a rotational movement. An example of this would be as follows:

Back Squat- Lower body knee dominant push

Pull Up- Upper body Vertical Pull

Farmers Walk – Rotational Stability movement

RDL- Lower Body Hip Dominant Pull

DB Single Arm Row-  Upper body Horizontal Pull

Throw in a couple aesthetic movements of your choosing and that is it! Nothing fancy, just simple exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Bringing it all Together

  1. Lift HEAVY often
  2. Balance your exercise by movement
  3. Keep your exercise SIMPLE

The magic pill to all the people that you see who look amazing THAT AREN’T ON DRUGS are basic lifts and a great work ethic to train HARD in the gym. So get simple and put in work!!

The Cardio Hack: 3 Principles of Cardio that You Should Know


Ah, the golden goose.. the key that many people tell you will help to burn fat and help you to get in great shape. Some of you dread the word while others embrace it. This my friends is CARDIO- Cardiovascular training that increases heart and lung function, allows you to work harder under fatigue and YES, will get you in great shape IF you know what you are doing and train effectively in doing so. There are a few things you need to know about cardio and also a few things that you should disregard as well that have had you running in circles (pun) for a really long time. Use these principles to unlock the key to use cardio as a massive tool in your tool chest to get in crazy shape FAST!


Train the Proper System for the Body You Desire


  • As a hamster on a wheel, today in most gyms you see countless amounts of people trudging away on the treadmill running mile after mile to nowhere. Why is that you ask? Well the fact of the matter is that unless you are SPECIFICALLY training for a marathon, iron man, or you are a long distance athlete, training the oxidative system exclusively will be a ticket to losing serious muscle mass. When training your body in an aerobic state for long periods of time over long distances, your body will go for its most precious energy source- MUSCLE. (Yes, during the cutting phase you will forms of cardio that will mimic long distance such as long periods on the step mill or inline walk, but this will only be for a short period of time as far as yearly training is concerned.)
  • Extreme long distance running decreases type 2 fast twitch muscle fiber (which makes you faster and stronger) burns more muscle fiber( to make you a more efficient long distance runner since that’s what you are doing) and all around sucks if it isn’t your thing. A better option would be to train the energy system you would most want to look like. You ever wonder why sprinters look the way they do? It is because they train an energy system that will tax the cardiovascular system quickly and actually burn more fat in the process be cause the more energy expended, the more calories you burn. High intensity training also causes the Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption Effect. Simply put, you will continue to burn calories post training when using higher intensity forms of cardio.  With that being said, sprinting, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Metabolic Conditioning (SAFE bodyweight WODS From Crossfit) are better options and are heard towards obtaining a ripped lean physique.

Give Time Between Your Cardio and Weights

  • What is the best time to do cardio? What about fasted cardio first thing in the morning? What about right before you head to bed? Well guys let me answer these questions as SIMPLY AS I CAN: IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT TIME YOU DO CARDIO. To lose fat it is as simple as more energy expended than consumed; burn more than you eat. PERIOD. Unless you are an athlete that is on time constraints to get all training fit into a day, there is no right specific time to do cardio. It will be based solely on your preference and schedule. WHAT is important however is the relationship between your cardio and weight training. Optimally, there should be at least a 90 minute window between cardio and training but I know most people don’t have that type of time. That being the case, always perform your cardio on either a non lifting day or AFTER weight training. Training before weights is counterproductive in the fact that it pre-exhausts you prior to training and pre deplete glycogen stores that would normally be used during weight training. This storage helps in muscle degradation which will occur if you continually train in a pre exhausted state. If your goal is to look GOOD, take this advice.

Cardio is Like Salt- Know When to Use It

  • You ever see someone who prides themselves on how much cardio they do? How they run, swim, spin, insanity and everything else under the sun there is to do regarding cardio and when you see them they still look unimpressive? Well what is happening is this person body has begun a state of homeostasis meaning that the body has now adapted itself and found a tolerance level for activity. Your body is WAY smarter than you are so there is no need to trick it. You just have to be cognizant of the stimulus that you provide the body for the aesthetic effect that you want. Your body doesn’t care whether you look good, it just wants to stay alive so use cardio as your advantage. The foundation of your training program should be heavy compound lifting with high intensity cardio sessions to maintain heathy heart function and aid in burning fat. HOWEVER, the first place you should check to when trying to lean out is your kitchen. You will not be able to outrun bad diet so don’t even think about that one. When you have a proper diet and adjust to lean out cardio can be a great weapon when you start to increase it during this process to burn more calories during the day. But if you ALWAYS do crazy cardio every day, then what new adaptation can you put on your body?

Think about it! Cardio done correctly can be a great tool to build your best self but as in all things, how you do it will make all the difference


Minor Bowens, CSCS

Owner, The Swxller Company

Blueprint to Phisque- Lower Body: 5 Tips Everyone Should Know TO Build Serious Legs

To a lot of people who train leg day is the most hated day of the week. Too many times do you see people who neglect the lower body not knowing the importance of a strong lower body and balanced physique. Training your lower body not only builds more testosterone for males, but female who really turn heads have a nicely sculpted lower body. Learn these tips to turn the most lousy training day of the week to an area of the body that you work everyday!

  1. Ditch The Legpress
    1. Let;s press this upon you. YOU MUST SQUAT. Squatting is a key human movement and a movement pattern that if neglected will be a main factor of back and hip problems in the future. Squatting is one of the most effective ways to not only build the lower body, but gain muscle across the enitre body! Some may argue that the leg press builds muscle faster since you can load the exercise heavier in a shorter amount of time, but we want to build muscle using FUNCTIONAL movement patterns. Remember balance is key and if strength is your thing nothing even comes close to the squat!

2. Push and Pull

  • When choosing the exercise you should do for your lower body, keep movement your primary focus. You will never miss muscle if you think of moments first. (Vestergen, 2015) Your lower body pushes and pulls in the moments of the leg and hip. The key here is to match up your push and pull exercise to create some serious legs. Squats and deadlifts are lower body pushes and RDL’s and Goodmorings are lower body pull exercise. Always remember to show love to both sides of your legs your body will appreciate it!

3. Go Heavy

Lifting for strength creates more testosterone in the body and will help you to recruit more muscle fibers while training to build more muscle. you may want to “get big” but if you you want a dense and hard look to your legs lifting heavy is key. Strength training occurs when your reps are in the 5 and under range and you will be using 75% or more of your 1 rep max. Yes the weight is HEAVY and that is what you will need to cause the process of a fancy word called myofibular hyperthropy. Basically you will create a pair go huge dense legs!

4. Think Unilateral

No matter how big your legs become you will want to be able to actually move around and use them right?? Single leg exercises are a great way to get stronger and create more function in your lower body. unilateral exercise will also help with speed development in athletes, and for you weekend warriors single leg exercises will tone your legs like never before. Examples of bible leg exercises are lunges, step ups and single leg Romanian deadlifts. incorporate these into your routine and take your leg workouts a a new level of awesome

5. No Days Off

If you wan tot burn more calories every workout, get stronger quicker and drop more body fat, then you want to learn a secret that some of the best have been using for years. TRAIN LEGS EVERYDAY.  Now this doesn’t mean that you have to go balls to the wall every workout, but adding some leg exercises by movement everyday is a major plus to your training routine. If you are training 4x per week a good rule of thumb is to do your squats and step ups (example) for days 1 and 3 and exercise such as RDL’s and good mornings for days 2 and 4.

Hope these tips help to build the best physique possible. Don’t be that guy….. train those legs and reap the benefits!!


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Training 101 : 4 Steps to a Balanced Training Program

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With summer winding down and football season slowly approaching, it can be easy to fall out of your regular routine in favor of long nights, tail gates, and endless junk food that you will boast fits “in your macros”. Well guys we know you are smarter than that!! If you want to be ahead of the game, you must STAY in the game all year long which means that how you train must be balanced and sustainable to prevent injury, stagnation, and most importantly the dreaded PLATEAU. Follow these 4 simple steps to  program for success and continue to see massive gains as the cold months start to set in.

1. Think Of Movements, Not Muscles

Your body is a highly developed organism and it is made to MOVE. Now there is no shade thrown towards my body building buddies but when you focus primarily on the muscle rather than the movement, you sacrifice mobility which could lead to a reduction in strength. Rather, focus on the movement that the body makes; pushes, pulls, rotations. Now once you have done that you can set your training to attack the muscles you want to work on but not at the expense of you losing mobility which could rob you of precious gains. By focusing on the movement first, for example a vertical upper push and horizontal upper pull day, you will still get shoulders and back in but it will force you to think of which exercise would fit into that particular movement.

2. Heavy…. LIFT HEAVY


If you want to continue to get stronger while burning fat at the same time, the name of the game is to lift heavy. Although there are numerous forums and articles that talk about training with moderate to low weight for lots of reps, the reality is that the progressive overload leads to improved strength and increased muscle which in turn aids in burning fat. The more muscle that you have higher your basal metabolic rate becomes. Simply put when yu have more muscle you will burn more calories at rest which will help to burn more fat!! So don’t be afraid to go heavy. Sure, higher reps have its place but you can never go wrong with 4-6 sets of 6 of less reps with heavy weights.

3. Train Legs EVERYDAY


Yes… we know you hate legs, but what is a quality physic without them??? Keeping movements in mind, when you divide your training days into movements the program keeps you honest by forcing you to balance out your exercises. Training legs everyday will also help you increase more natural testosterone to help build even more muscle which will burn more fat.

A typical template following this approach would look something like this

Day 1. Lower Push/ Horizontal Upper Pull

Day 2. Lower Pull/ Vertical Upper Push/Rotational

Day 3. Unilateral Lower Push/Vertical Upper Pull

Day 4. Unilateral Lower Pull/Horizontal Upper Push/Rotational

Day 5. Lower Push/ Unilateral  Upper Pull/

Day 6. Lower Pull/ Unilateral Upper Push

Day 7. Rest

Following this template you will have an equal number of pushes and pulls and rotational movements. Now all you will need to do is plug in the corresponding exercises and you won’t have dot worry about overdeveloping one area!

4. Progression, progression, progression

In a balanced program you must continue to raise the bar when it comes to your training. Change your reps, change your sets, but be sure to have an equal number of pushes to pulls and stay heavy. Six months from now weights you were struggling wit should be a piece of cake. You should always strive to be stronger and more mobile. The more added stress you place upon yourself the more your body will change into the physique that you want. Remember, push yourself in the gym and discipline yourself in the kitchen…. you can’t go wrong!!

For more information on this approach to training email or purchase either the she’s snatched or sidewalk slam programs!!!


Make the Sacrifice : 3 Tips to Perfect your Meal Prep

One time for all the meal preppers out there !!! 💯💯💯

The Swxller team is committed to you guys success so WE must stress the SACRIFICE that must be made to achieve your dream physique. While most people want to say that some people are shredded for many reasons falling under enhancements, surgery, or genetics, the fact of the matter is that the super shredded do simple daily disciplines everyday to ensure that they are lean year round. There is so much information out here but the fact of the matter is that the key to improving body composition is the manipulation of carbohydrates that you ingest. It’s actually that simple!! So today we want to share 3 tips to help you perfect your meal prep so that you can start to see those massive gains that you are looking for!

  1. Set your Meal Prep Night

No plan works if it isn’t adhered to. With that being said you have to set a night in which you are going to cook your food. Unlike other bad habits you have to eat to survive. So if you do not have a plan to eat … You are STILL going to eat but most likely you will revert back to unhealthy foods. Sunday’s are a good day to prepare your meals for the week. Since most people are off on the weekends, Sunday is a nice chill day to grocery shop, prepare your meals and set your refrigerator up for your success. If you like your meals even more fresh, meal prep twice a week with the second day being on Wednesday.

  1.  Where is Your Food Scale

Do not leave your success to chance!! If you are serious about your body changing as fast as possible then a DIGITAL food scale must be in your arsenal. Depending on the macronutrients ratio that you need to be your best, the food scale will ensure that your meal prep is properly portioned to the GRAM. Just as a recipe can be off by a slight error in the ingredients, your body composition will not be optimal if you are just going my eyesight alone to portion your meals.


Although self explanatory it is very easy to get off task to go eat something that isn’t scheduled. Follow your personal schedule and only eat the foods that you prep. YES, this means put up the quest bars.. the extra shake at the gym etc. You have to stay the course to greatness. It would be a shame for you to spend your money for nothing wouldn’t it??
Use these tips and watch your progress speed up dramatically!

5 Tips to Take Your Training More Seriously 

If you ran into 5 people at the gym and ask them why they work out, most people will give you goals ranging from the purely aesthetic to strength and health goals. Then why does it seem that there is only a small percentage of those “swole” and jacked people out there amongs the millions of average joes? Gyms across the country are packed with members that go to the gym faithfully but the more you look the more you see the mirage of mediocrity and it is similar to the millions of entrepreneurs that have start ups but never seen to get off the ground. Well the one thing that may be holding you back,if you fit this criteria, is the seriousness behind your training goal. Even if you have training goals and have set a plan for success, one has to be serious and ready to work EVERY time you set foot in the gym to ensure that you reach the physique that you are working so hard to get!

1. How You Train Should Match Your Goal

Whatever your training goals may be, your training regimen must reflect what you are trying to do. This simply means that you should seek out the proper program and STICK TO THAT PROGRAM to see the necessary results in the weight room. You will want to make simple tweaks along the way but you cannot bounce from program to program every other day listening to “bro science” from your gym bro every other week and hopping into his set. If you are confident in your program, stick with it and track your changes.

2. Your Training Time is NOT Social Hour

You see it all the time…. People are using the gym as the courtroom, club, and eharmony. Girls are coming in to just take pics.. Hell guys are coming in to just take pics and people are doing more talking than lifting. We know you are serious and aren’t in this bunch 😉, but understand that you are in a mission when you are in the gym. Keep your talking to a bare minimum and get your work in while you have precious gym time!

3. The Food Matters

This should go without saying but how you eat makes the difference between a killer physique and an ehh…. You get my point. It would be a shame to throw your training down the drain for some chicken nuggets or that frosty that you just have to get because it fits in your macros right??? Wrong. You know what is junk, stay away from it. Keep your food options clean and work to earn that cheat MEAL. It is the key to your success.

4. Choose your Gym Playlist in ADVANCE

One of the worst things you can do is be an Instagram fiend while in the gym. That being said you need to make sure your phone is IN YOUR POCKET when you are training. Checking your phone every five minutes messes up your gym rhythm and the tempo of your workouts. So before the gym get your playlist bomb with all the songs that will turn you up and keep you hype during your lift. This way you won’t  have to check your phone to skip to that favorite song that drops the beat just as you are about to superset!

5. Sleep Your Way to Sucess

You can’t be a gym rat and a club rat at the same time. Your sleep is vitally important as well as your reduction in alcohol. A few drinks can completely destroy the gains of the week so remember that the next time you want to do shots. If you are serious about changing your body there are a few sacrifices that have to be made. And look at it this way.. When you do step out… You will be looking amazing , feeling amazing, and all eyes will be in you! Short term sacrifice for a lifetime of paridise? Sounds good to me!

The Key To Unlock Your Squat


If you want to be an all around stronger, more powerful, and more dynamic athlete, then squatting in some form must be in your  present training regimen. As critical is this exercise is, it absolutely amazes our team how many athletes and “weekend warriors” alike hate and even try to avoid the squat. Yes, we know that squatting is hard but with a few simple and helpful hints you can master this key exercise and start to push some serious weight!

How is your mobility??

We could talk squatting technique until we are blue in the face, but the fact of the matter is that until  you are proficiently mobile in your hips, ankles, and thoracic spine, it will be extremely hard to improve your squat technique. Whether your heels come off the ground, your knees cave in, you have bad posture, or your hips round at the bottom,all problems of the squat and any exercise for that matter stem from MOBILITY. Although often neglected, mobility should be at the forefront of training. The more mobile an athlete is, the more powerful they will become!

How can I fix my mobility then??


Proper mobility stems from what we like to call corrective exercises . Correctives help to improve deficiencies  in movement patterns that will allow us to improve mobility. Since we are talking about the hips, ankles and thoracic spine we will highlight a corrective from each category to get you started towards improving your mobility.

Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch


Tight hip flexors are an area of improvement for most athletes and your hips are vitally important especially if you want to become a better mover. To perform the half kneeling hip flexor stretch, get down on one knee and raise both arms into the air. Next lean your hips forward keeping an upright torso to stretch your hip flexor muscles. Hold this stretch for 15 to 20 seconds then perform on the other side.

Wall Ankle Stretch

Standing soleus stretch

Perform the wall ankle stretch by first standing in a split stance with the “up” foot six inches from the wall. While holding the wall, keep your up foot flat on the ground and work to press your knee to the wall.  When you can successfully press your knee to the wall, move your foot slightly back and perform again.

Perform exercise 2 sets of 10 repetitions( 2×10) per  leg

Kneeling Thoracic Stretch


Get on your hands and knees and  beginning with your right arm, reach through between your hands and knees to your left side and hold for 4 seconds to stretch your thoracic spine. Next perform on the other side.

Perform 2×5 each side

These tips are vital in getting more mobile in your squat. perform these corrective exercises each day and watch those squat numbers go WAYYYYY up!!!

~ Swxlller

5 Essential Exercises for Speed


Speed is the name of the game in today’s sports world and every “guru” out there has their won specific set of skills that they promise will get an athlete faster. While some of these practices may or may not produce results, one can’t deny that a solid weight room foundation aids in speed development. We at Swxller have put together our top 5  room exercise for speed. Give them a try and put some heat in those wheels!

1. Power Clean


Olympic lifting employs some of the fastest barbell speeds in the sports world today. The reason that these exercises have been used by sport specific athletes is that the clean produces a very high power output. this output has been linked to increased force production of the abdominals, hips, and trunk which has translated into increased speed for athletes. While complete mastery of this olympic lift is not essential, a weight that can provide enough stimulus to create a high power output is desired

2. Back Squat


Lower body strength and power is essential to become a faster athlete. Strength in the muscles of the entire lower extremity help to produce the optimal stride frequency and stride length to increase speed. This old school lift has stood the test of time to produce not only lower body, but total body strength by engaging the core to stabilize the body during this exercise. Increases in strength from the squat has also been linked to gains in the ability to decelerate, which has an overall positive effect on faster sprint times

3. DB Step Up


Unilateral strength is key when one talks about speed. When you run you are in what we call a “flight phase”. In this flight phase you are on one leg. It would only be logical that you would train to be stronger and stable on one leg right? Well the dumbbell step up is a great exercise to improve stabilization and strength on one leg and help to mimic the motion of the hip flexor while running.

4. Romanian Deadlift (RDL)


Although this exercise may seem to some to not make the cut, increased strength of the posterior chain, namely the gluten, are very important to increased speed of an athlete. RDL’s are a knee dominant lower pull exercise that will help an athlete straighten and control the swing phase of the sprint motion. It is important to strengthen the hamstrings and hip extensors as the hamstring is one of the most injured muscles in sports

5. Prowler Push


Now we get into some actual running!! The prowler push exercise is great in that it forces the athlete to stay in a 45 degree angle that is crucial to efficient sprinting. The prowler push also helps to increase core activation, core stability, and strengthens ankle stability. The prowler is one of the best exercises for overall sprint mechanics are  should be put into your arsenal.

Add these exercises and you will see your speed increase in no time.