The world of fitness is booming right now and the supplement industry is taking in billions of dollars each year. Using our “get results fast” mentality, many companies can lay claims to products that will “shrink your waist in a week” or have you “jacked with tons of muscle” in no time. Well those claims are most likely false and very damaging to the human psyche. However I like to say to hate the game and not the player. In a capatalistic society people are out to make money. Period. It is your repaonisbility to sift through the nonsense to learn the true secret to getting the body that you desire.

That secret my friends is CONSISTENCY. No pill, program, or new exercise technique stands a chance of you are not consistent with your approach to training. How you eat, train, sleep, and supplement (there’s a reason why supplementation is last) will always reveal itself with your health an appearance. Just as swiping your hand over a flame won’t burn you, one intense workout every blue moon won’t make a dent into your fitness goals. Consistent effort over time will produce the biggest results. So before you blow your money on the lasted “miracle product” or spend all of your time reading blogs to make the perfect program, ask yourself: how consistent have I been in the basics??
Just a thought