3 Reasons You Should Squat to Depth

“Im not an olympic lifter…. I’m only concerned about getting gains”

Ever heard this in the gym before? When it comes to the squat there is one topic of extreme importance: Depth

Too many times do we see people short changing squats. From going to high, to ego lifting, gym goers across the nation are complicating this simple  movement which should be the cornerstone of their training. Listen, when you squat you must work to get slightly below parallel. Using this point as a measure, you will increase your mobility TREMENDOUSLY for starters.

Mobility should be one of the founding pillars of your training philosophy. No matter if your goal is athletic or aesthetic, you body was built to move, and move well. Increasing your mobility will also help your joints and tendons, allow your muscles to grow to its full capacity, and produce crazy strength gains (look at your olympic lifters…and yes bro they squat WAY more than you CORRECTLY).

The second area of importance with squatting to depth is the elimination of ego lifting. A good coach once said “nobody cares how much weight you do wrong”. This train of thought should stay with you when you are tempted to add another plate. Trust me, you should push yourself and work to get as strong as possible, if thats your thing. But you must consider you health. No reason to force yourself to the hospital on your own. Also as an added bonus, the better your squat, the stronger you will become in the rest of your lifts!

Lastly full squatting helps the release of testosterone. Testosterone helps with the process of gaining muscle, and the more muscle that you gain the more fat you will burn automatically. Regardless of the bro tales, give full depth squatting a try- the benefits are tremendous!