Kyle Stevenson, Swxller Sport Performance Coach

Let me start by saying I was elated when Minor asked me to join the Swxller Company. I have watched his transformation over the years, and played a key role behind the scenes during the process. I am very particular when it comes to training and achieving goals, but Swxller couldn’t have been a better fit for me. People ask me all the time what does it take to reach full potential, and my response to them, “there isn’t a magic potion or supplement.” It takes: DEDICATION, PERSISTENCE; CONSISTENCY, TIME, PATIENCE, DISCIPLINE, FLEXIBILITY, COORDINATION, STRENGTH, POWER, SPEED and so much more. My lifestyle and training philosophy embodies all of the above. No two athletes are the same; so programming must be tailored as such. The Swxller Company understands that concept, and because of it, our clients receive innovative and high quality training that lead them to their desired results. Embrace the process and know that value comes with a price. There are no shortcuts in life; neither are there in the path to success.

Kyle Stevenson, USAW