Six Weeks to Sun

It’s crazy how time flys right?! You were stoked about starting 2017 off with a BANG but out of nowhere, it is the month of May! Well the team here at SWXLLER have you covered for the summer! Six Weeks to Sun is a simple practical guide to drop those winter pounds off for the beach to look your absolute best. Summer is coming, it’s getting hot outside and quite frankly… people want to look good naked! Most people go about the fat loss game all wrong, doing fad diets and crazy routines that actually leaves an athlete worse off than they were before.  We at SWXLLER are here to change that.This six-week program is executed 5 days per week with an additional day for active cardio and one day of complete rest. With movement being the main focus, we have created a training program that not only will incinerate fat, but build lean muscle and improve your mobility. The training program is based on a 1) sound strength program centered around compound multi-joint movements 2)various complexes to burn fat and improve mobility and 3) use sprint training to torch calories and keep you in the slight caloric deficit to promote fat loss. When you combine a clean diet the combination simply cannot be beaten! If you are willing to put in the work, SIX WEEKS TO SUN will leave people dropping their drink when you walk by on the pool deck.

Also, did we mention that you will get all this for just $20 dollars?? Sweet deal for an even sweeter summer!!

Get Six Weeks To Sun today! Click the link below!

Six Weeks

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