SWXLLER Online Performance Program

The SWXLLER online performance program is designed to help you realize your training goal via professional sports performance programming. Using the contact form below, we use this starting information to create  and to relay your training and/or nutrition plans. Upon receipt of your info and initial paperwork, we send your training and/or nutrition plan to your desired email account that is individualized for you specifically and totally based upon your performance and/or physique goals.

Package 1-Standard 4 Week ($150)

Our standard package comes with (4) weeks of programming individualized for your individual training goal. There will be an initial 30-minute conference call to discuss your program and set realistic training goals. Two (2) bi-monthly check-ins will be required to monitor your progress. In addition, you will receive an online exercise library to describe each exercise prescribed for your program along with a sample nutritional guideline.

Package 2- 6 Week Premium ($275)

Our elite 6-week program will include everything received in the standard package with the addition of video critique. You will be required to send three (3) videos each week of your choosing for feedback. This option is best suited for athletes who want to ensure optimal movement efficiency. The elite program also includes six (6) 30-minute conference calls to discuss progress and critique video submission along with three (3) check-ins to monitor and/or update programming.

Package 3- 8 Week Elite ( $400 best value***)

For the truly dedicated athlete, the 8-week elite program is best suited for those who want to experience great results! The elite program gives you access to bi-weekly conference calls along with photo submission to provide more detailed monitoring of progress. Also, you will receive a standard nutrition plan to enhance your result. If you have absolutely any questions pertaining to your plan, You will have one on one access to your specified performance professional via their personal contact information or you have the option to contact the company directly using the contact form below for immediate feedback.Consistent monitoring of training volume load, body composition, and the overall training process will allow us to modify variables of your programming in reference to your adaptive response to the training and/or nutrition plan. Scale weight will be sent to your specified consultant at least 3 times per week and consistent communication will be maintained throughout the process as necessary. We are committed to equip you with a training and nutrition plan of the highest quality and to answer any pertinent questions along the way to help you reach your goals.

Let’s Get Started

Step 1

Complete the following contact training form so that we can know more about you!


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